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News on Cause Radio

 February 26th 2024

Ava Area Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers to help with various comminity activities. 


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Missouri Highway Patrol 
Crash and arrest reports from the weekend.

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Ava Girls Basketball tonight on Cause radio.

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February 27th 2024

Efforts to control feral hogs in Missouri seem to be successful.



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Douglas County Sheriffs Department made another arrest for child pornogrphy

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Ava Girls Basketball recap from the first round of districts. 

Boys Basketball tonight on Cause radio.

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February 28th 2024

Ava City Council heard the audit report at Tuesdays meeting.

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Missouri Highway Patrol crash report

Fires all over cause country on Tuesday.

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Ava Boys Basketball

Recap from the first round of Districts Tuesday Night

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 February 29th 2024

Douglas County residents will choose a Republican presidential candidate on Saturday.

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Missouri Highway Patrol crash report 


Search for missing child in Hartville.

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Ava Boys Basketball district semifinals tonight on Cause Radio.

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 March 1st 2024

The MOCH Clinic in Mansfield has been remolded. 


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Next week is severe weather preparedness week. 

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Norwood Girls Basketball tonight on Cause Radio.

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