Bids for Bargains is KKOZ's Annual Radio Auction. Once a year we offer area merchants and other businesses the opportunity to purchase extra advertising on KKOZ and pay for it with merchandise or services. We in turn sell that merchandise or service to our listeners over the air in a live radio auction. This once-a-year promotion gives advertisers an opportunity to show off their businesses through regular radio advertising and through the auction itself. Listeners get a good deal by saving thousands of dollars on the stuff we   What's up for bids on this weekend's auction?
Item will be available this weekend
RFS indicates Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday auction

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Auction Phone Numbers:
(417) 683-4191
(417) 683-4193
(800) 683-4191
sell. It works like this: You listen to KKOZ and visit the Bids Store at to look over the merchandise. You call KKOZ to bid during the auctions (usually Friday and Saturday) from about 9:15 a.m. till the auction ends--usually around 10:30. The highest bidder gets the item for that price. The winning bidder comes to the radio station at 303 SE 2nd Avenue to pay for the merchandise and take the claim certificate to the place of business to obtain the merchandise. As in any auction, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Merchandise not claimed within a few days will be resold in a later auction. We hope you enjoy this year's Bids For Bargains.

Category Business         Item Location
Agriculture/Farm Lakey & Lakey Hay & Feed     ADM Lamb Creep Ava, MO
      S   Crescent Soybean Meal Ava, MO
    F     Crescent Stockade Hi Mag Block Ava, MO
      S   Rice Bran Ava, MO
Animal Care     Crescent Cottonseed Meal Ava, MO
    Hi-Point Cat Food Ava, MO
    Taste of the Wild Ancient Mountain Dog Food Ava, MO
    Taste of the Wild Ancient Mountain Dog Food Ava, MO
    Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie Dog Food Ava, MO
    Taste of the Wild Ancient Stream Dog Food Ava, MO
    F     Taste of the Wild Ancient Wetlands Dog Food Ava, MO
    Taste of the Wild Ancient Wetlands Dog Food Ava, MO
Automotive J&L Tire     Set of Tires (Four) Ava, MO
    FS   Tire Rotations Ava, MO
Branson Entertainment ABBA Tribute     FS   Thank You For The Music-A Modern Tribute To ABBA Branson, MO
Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai     FS   2 admissions to Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Branson, MO
Amazing Pets     FS   2 Admissions to Amazing Pets Branson, MO
Beach Boys California Dreamin     FS   Beach Boys California Dreamin Branson, MO
Clay Cooper's Country Music Express     FS   2 Admissions To Clay Cooper's Country Music Express Branson, MO
Comedy Jamboree     FS   2 Comedy Jamboree Admissions Branson, MO
Coral Reef Mini Golf     Adult Mini Golf Ticket Branson, MO
Down Home Country     FS   Two Admissions To Down Home Country Branson, MO
Grand Jubilee     FS   2 Grand Jubilee Admissions Branson, MO
Hamner's Unbelievable Variety Show     FS   Hamner's Unbelievable Variety Show Branson, MO
Hot Rods & High Heels     FS   Hot Rods & High Heels Branson, MO
Jim Stafford Show     Jim Stafford Admission Branson, MO
Magnificent 7     FS   The Tinoco's Magnificent 7 Variety Show Branson, MO
Mickey Gilley & Johnny Lee The Urban Cowboy Reunion     FS   Ticket Voucher For 2 Branson, MO
Nathan Carter     FS   2 admissions to see Nathan Carter Branson, MO
New South Gospel     FS   Two Adult Passes New South Gospel Branson, MO
Ozarks Country     FS   2 admissions to Ozarks Country Branson, MO
Ozarks Gospel       S   2 admissions to Ozarks Gospel Branson , MO
Parrotville-Jimmy Buffett Tribute     Parrotville-Jimmy Buffett Tribute Branson, MO
Reza-Edge of Illusion       S   2 admissions to Reza Edge of Illusion Branson, MO
The Track Family Fun Parks       S   Branson Ferris Wheel Rides Branson, MO
    Gift Card Branson, MO
Branson Lodging Branson King Resort and Suites     F     Double Queen Bedroom Branson, MO
      S   Theme Room 1 Night Stays Branson, MO
Entertainment Great Passion Play     FS   2 Admissions To The Great Passion Play Eureka Springs, AR
Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Assoc     Passes To 3-Year Old Futurity Ava, MO
    Passes to the 2020 Fall Show & Celebration Ava, MO
Ralph Foster Museum     FS   Ralph Foster Museum Admissions Point Lookout, MO
Fast Food McDonald's of Ava     FS   Two Medium Extra Value Meals Ava, MO
Sonic of Ava     Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Ava, MO
    FS   Sonic Cheesburger Meal Ava, MO
Flowers & Balloons Impressions     Single Rose Bud Vase Ava, MO
Food Antler Pizza Inc,     Antler Burger Gainesville, MO
    Catfish Basket Gainesville, MO
    F     Extra Large Pizza Gainesville, MO
      S   Prime Rib Sandwhich Gainesville, MO
    Seafood Platter Gainesville, MO
    Shrimp Basket Gainesville, MO
Archie's Family Restaurant     FS   Gift Certificate Ava, MO
Cedar Chandeliers Cafe     F     Gift Card Ava, MO
Hucklebuck Smoke & Grill     FS   Hucklebuck Food Certificate Ava, MO
Papa John's Pizza       S   Single Topping Large Pizza Ava, MO
    F     Specialty Pizza Ava, MO
Pizza Hut of Ava       S   Lunch Buffet for two Ava, MO
    F     Single Topping Pizza from Pizza Hut Ava, MO
Ruby Garden     Adult Buffet Ava, MO
The Barn     FS   Food Certificate Ava, MO
Health & Beauty Best Little Hair House In Ava     Foil One High/Low Light Ava, MO
      S   Men's Hair Cut Ava, MO
    Women's Hair Cut Ava, MO
Landscaping Lehmann Dozing     Dozing Job Certificate Ava, MO
Lawn & Garden       S   Gift Certificate Towards Base Rock Ava, MO
Miller Lawn Service     Gift Certificate Ava, MO
Merchandise Certificates Earth Outdoor Products     F     Gift Card Mountain Grove, MO
    Gift Card Mountain Grove, MO
    Gift Card Mountain Grove, MO
Sports Ava Country Club     18 Holes of Golf for Two Ava, MO

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